Promoting Entrepreneurship

and Investment in Spain

About us

IN3 (IN-cubed) is a technology-focused conference series organized by the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, the Chamberí Valley Association, Endeavor Spain, The Venture City and South Summit that offers exclusive opportunities for business growth and investment between the United States and Spain.

IN3 seeks to strengthen the connections between the U.S. and Spanish innovation ecosystems to support entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The name IN-cubed represents the power in connecting the three groups that are essential for supporting a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem – Innovators, Investors and Institutions – to unleash the power of the innovation economy.

IN3 connects you and your organization to a powerful network of of global change-makers and provides the opportunity to explore new trends, shape innovation policy, and support the growth of scaling tech companies.

IN3 Conferences & Meetups


1.- Encourage increased trade and investment by strengthening business connections between the U.S. and Spain.

2.- Support the internationalization of U.S. and Spanish tech companies as a means of expanding economic development and job creation.

3.- Promote a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration that drives the growth of the innovation economy

Why Spain?

Spain is the 4th largest economy in the European Union and serves as a crossroads between Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Digital economy – The digital sector in Spain accounts for 3.1% of Spain’s GDP in 2016, nearly €35 billion.

Growing tech ecosystem – In 2015, Spanish start-ups closed 13 rounds of funding, amounting to over €10 million.

Increasing investment – Spanish startups raise €535 million in 2015.

Exponential growth

In Fundraising

Spanish fundraising increased 29% between 2013 and 2014, but between 2014 and 2015 the fundraising increased by 8%.

Investment Raised

by Spanish startups



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